Aqua design


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For your booth at the next trade show, you really, really want a professionally set-up, spectacular show tank that's truly out of the common? You desire a one-of-a-kind eye-catching aquarium to embellish your living room, your practice, your office or other business rooms?

Oliver Knott is world-famous for thinking out of the box and for his extraordinary style. A smiling Buddha sitting in the middle of what could be temple ruins overgrown by dense greenery, or wild animals prowling in a lush, vigorously growing jungle are an uncommon view in an aquarium — fresh and surprising at the same time.

Of course, Oliver is truly a master of the classical approach to aquascaping, too. If his extraordinary designs are too extreme for you, he will be happy to design a more traditional aquascape layout with a very natural look and feel that meets your taste perfectly.


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