by Oliver Knott ®

Oliver holds live shows at your shop or at another location — for this he only needs a stage or a platform and a sound system, and the party can start! As a successful aquascap- er and aquarium designer with decades of experience, Oliver is not only an expert in his field, he is also a great entertainer.

Besides 2-3 hours of excellent entertainment, he gives his audience real added value since he shares many practical hints and tips on the subject of planted tanks in general and on aquarium plants, animals, fertilization, maintenance and so on in particular.

After the live event, Oliver takes time to answer your customers’ ques- tions and to assist them individually with any problems they might have encountered with their planted aquaria.

You can book Oliver Knott for setting up an aquarium in your private or business rooms or for a presentation. Oliver also offers to hold live aquascaping demos — live events during which he shows how to set up a planted tank professionally, and you can also have him over just for holding a presentation or for training your employees, also for several days

The booking guide

If you would like to book Oliver Knott services there are some things you need to be are aware

Create an event for your customers! The audience should enjoy this special event, the best is to deliver this show with high significance of the audience after usual closing time.

A conference room, maybe in a hotel offers a nice ambience.

Send your advertising material to SharkBiteCommunication at least 4 weeks before the event to make sure that your event is promoted in your shop, print media and social media.

Please provide seats for at last 30 people in the event area.

Make sure there is a stage or elevated platform for Olivers presentation. At least it should be 30-40 square meters and carry around 700kg.

You should provide a headset and loudspeaker so the hole audience can hear Oliver clearly.

Please ask for Oliver’s daily charge, for included is a Live aquascaping show which takes about 2-3 hours plus about one hour for answering some questions.

Oliver comes to you with his car or a plane. The kilometer allowance is charged per kilometer and will be added to the daily rate.

For journeys over a distance of 300 kilometers or more, the costs for a night at a hotel will be added.

There is an additional allowance for food. IT is not part of the daily rate, neither are beverages.

For a good and smooth show Oliver will need an assistant. Either you provide an assistant or Oliver brings his own at additional cost.

You as organizer will provide the proper aquascaping tools. Please get back to us shortly before the event to figure out what will make the most sense.

It looks much more professional when everything (lights, sound, filter) is prepared before the event starts.

SharkBiteCommunication would be happy to offer you a special service for publishing a live stream on Facebook or Youtube.

Also we offer you the service of professional texting and german translation.


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